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In general, Massage Cupping releases rigid soft tissue, drains excess toxins and fluids, loosens adhesions,  lifts connective tissue and brings blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin.

The therapeutic applications of traditional cupping...


This 4-day workshop begins at 9:00am and concludes at 6:00pm each day.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class each day so that the class may begin on time.  There's a lot of information and bodywork to get through!

"Clients express a feeling of a deep relaxation, one client called it an 'uplifting' experience – no pun intended."


-Connie Doyle, Riverside, CA​


VacuTherapies™ are an incredible modality that can be added into any massage or health care practice.  This 32 CE course includes education in theory and application of ACE Massage Cupping™ therapy, along with demonstration of both basic and advanced techniques and treatments using manual vacuum tools.  ACE Massage Cupping™ greatly enhances the benefits of massage, decreases strain on the practitioner, and increases revenues through “add-on” services.


This ancient tool has been adapted for modern applications and is powerfully therapeutic for many conditions. ACE Massage Cupping™ is effective in relieving chronic pain at old injury sites and also addresses conditions such as:  fibromyalgia, diabetes, pre- and post-op edema and inflammation, chronic edema, scar tissue and adhesions, and “Solid Bloat”.

This versatile technique mimics massage movements ranging from deep tissue and myofascial release to the light pumping movements of lymphatic drainage.  Used regularly, ACE Massage Cupping™ therapy is a terrific approach to promoting wellness for our clients and ourselves.


The four-day workshop is fun and informative, with plenty of hands-on activity.  Don’t miss this opportunity to add one of the most valuable and versatile healing modalities available today to your “toolbox.”

A small, quick video look into ACE™'s Massage Cupping Workshops 3-Day class.


In these videos, you will see Randy explaining a few things about the Silicone Cups. Randy continues his series of "Massage Cupping Minutes" by explaining a few things about the Pump N' Cups.

Tuition:  $550.00 with 32 CEUs 

NCBTMB provider number 312464-00 


For a list of workshops please click the "Registration" tab above. For listings of all national workshops with talented instructors trained by Anita Shannon, please visit our national website at 


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