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Where your instructor comes from, and what makes him tic.

Randy Heaps has been practicing massage and bodywork for a decade.  Introduced to the massage world when a spine injury and subsequent surgery forced him out of the electrical trade,  Randy chose to be re-trained in massage therapy. 

Before even completing his entire program at the Southern California School of Massage, Randy was asked by the owners  to become an instructor . Randy taught at SCSM for 3 years, teaching a variety of classes including Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Back & Shoulder Soft Tissue Release, Office and Chair Massage and Swedish/American Massage. 

The Southern California School of Massage closed its doors after a successful 30 year run, and Randy went to become an instructor and eventual Director at the School of  Holistic Touch.  At SOHT, he taught a variety of classes that included: Structural Kinesiology, Deep Tissue, Foot Reflexology, Office & Chair Massage, Magnet Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Swedish/American, Hospital Massage and Powder Massage. 

In 2006, Randy attended Anita Shannon's Massage Cupping workshop.  Impressed by the technique and its amazing results, when Anita approached Randy about training him to teach, he jumped at the chance.  For the next year, Randy accompanied Anita all over the country on an intense training course at trade shows and workshops, further enriching his knowledge in the field of Massage Cupping Bodywork. In 2008, Mrs. Shannon created the Massage Cupping Therapy Association and appointed Randy its first President.

As of July, 2009, Randy has resigned his position at the School of Holistic Touch so that he can concentrate all his time and energy on his new-found passion, Massage Cupping Bodywork Therapy.  He now travels all over the country, training all types of people the art of Massage Cupping.  Randy has joined and incredible group of Massage Cupping Educators and together, they cover the entire country sharing the knowledge instilled to them by Anita Shannon.



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