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Massage Cupping is a modified version of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice of cupping therapy.  Using negative pressure or suction, the cup is placed over an area of the body and then massage is applied with the cup, whereas with TCM, the cup is placed over the skin and not moved.  It's like getting a massage from the inside out.  Instead of the regular pressure you get from massage therapy, Massage Cupping does massage in reverse.  In doing so, this very simple and powerful technique will then have impressive effects on the body, including:

• Lymphatic Drainage

• Loosen Adhesions
• Release Deep Tissue Issues
• Pain Relief
• Improve Circulation
• Increase Range of Movement
• Move Stagnation
• Relieve Inflammation
• Stimulate Blood Flow
• Sedate the Nervous System

In general, Massage Cupping releases rigid soft tissue, drains excess toxins and fluids, loosens adhesions,  lifts connective tissue and brings blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin.



The therapeutic applications of traditional cupping have been documented over some several thousand years.  Cupping is used extensively in TCM and has now been adapted for massage therapists, physical therapists and estheticians.

Massage cupping intensifies the therapeutic aspect of traditional cupping and is an effective addition to any spa, medical facility or private practice.  Massage Cupping tools are inexpensive, fun to use, completely result oriented and client response in remarkable!

A huge benefit of Massage Cupping is the ease for the practitioner.  Using Massage Cupping will allow the practitioner to still get amazing results for the client, while saving his/her hands from repetitive movement.  There is also less pressure on the practitioners joints, saving them from pain down the road.  Too many times, we forget how much pressure is applied and always push our bodies to the limit until we blow out a thumb or a wrist and then are sidelined from the work we love so much.  Using Massage Cupping may ensure you a long career in the bodywork field; all the while, producing phenomenal results for your clientel.

Q'S & A'S

What will Massage Cupping feel like?


The sensation you feel the first time you receive a treatment is pretty indescribable.  People often can't explain how it feels, they just know they like it.  A treatment is pretty sedating for the nervous system, so deep relaxation is often felt.

You will most likely hear your clients tell you that the Massage Cupping experience stayed with them longer than most other treatments they have had.  The speed at which the body experience positive change is truly amazing.  The more treatments one gets, the more cumulative the results will be.  Even after just a single treatment, a long term physical issue may be resolved.

Where will the workshop be held in my area?


Go Deep™ Massage Cupping knows you want to know exactly where the workshop in your area will be held. In order to hold the workshop, we have to have enough registered students to attend the workshop. Once we have enough students, we scout for a place as close as possible to the set location.


The reason we don't set the exact location before the workshop is because hotels ask for deposits to reserve meeting spaces, some of which do not offer a full refund to our deposit. Thus, if the workshop never gets to happen, we lose the deposit at times. 


The good news is that we will let you [at least] know 2 weeks in advance so that you may prepare. The best thing to do as a future student is to register as soon as possible so that the arrangements can happen much sooner than 2 weeks! If we can work as a team, classmates traveling from afar have more time to prep!


Will I bruise with Massage Cupping?​

​First of all, everyone needs to understand that neither TCM cupping nor Massage Cupping causes the body bruising.

The marks that are commonly left after TCM treatments are the desired result.  Massage Cupping can be done without leaving this discoloration.  However, if there is a mark left after a session, it's just an added bonus for your client indicating the release of intense toxins and body fluids in area. 

This is NOT a bruise.  Bruising is caused by blunt force trauma and the breaking of capillaries.  Massage Cupping does neither of these things.  The mark will dissipate anywhere between a few hours or in some cases, a week.  Bruises also spread, your "cup kiss" will not. 

The marks received from a Massage Cupping session will stay in a perfect circle, further proving that no bruising has occured.  It is also unlikely that the mark will re-occur in the same spot.  After the stagnant blood/fluid is removed, better circulation is promoted and toxins are now able to leave the body.

How safe is Massage Cupping Therapy?


To get the maximum results from a therapist, hands on training is highly recommended.  Current workshops to complete are 8 hours and up to  32 hours.  If you can't take the workshop now, an instructional DVD narrated by Massage Cupping creator Anita Shannon, is available online at Online courses are also available.  At this website, you will also find a list of Certified Massage Cupping Practitioners.  Feel free to schedule an appointment with someone and see if Massage Cupping is something you want to add to your practice.

Massage Cupping is safely used on children, adults and the elderly.  The most common misuse of Massage Cupping is overuse.  A complete assessment of specific conditions will be taken into consideration by the practitioner.




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