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This 4-day workshop begins at 9:00am and concludes at 6:00pm each day.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class each day so that the class may begin on time.  There's an abundance of information & bodywork to experience and learn! Make sure you come prepared for the suckiest class of all time!



Successful completion of the workshop will earn you 32 NCBTMB CE credits.  Graduates of this workshop become Certified Massage Cupping Practitioners and are listed on the national website ( with your contact information.  Two certificates will be issued upon completion of the workshop. One for Massage Cupping Level 1 and one for Medi-Cupping level 1.


Expect  the unexpected!  Each student responds to this modality based on their condition at the time.  Some will see and feel immediate results while others won't see any until after a few sessions with Massage Cupping Bodywork Therapy. 

There is a high level of hands-on work in this class, much more than would normally be done on a client.  Keeping warm and hydrated will assist with any processes that may develop.   Those who have not received regular bodywork may experience remarkable changes!  These experiences are necessary for you as the practitioner to fully understand the complex effects of this amazing technique.


Please be prompt and dress comfortably.  We suggest bringing a sweater or light jacket for warmth and plenty of water for hydration.  Lunch will be determined each day by the presenter and will be 1 hour long.




Day 1:

Sign-in & orientation.  Lecture on the history of cupping and explaination of equipment to be used.  Benefits of Massage Cupping Bodywork Therapy; safety and contra-indications.  Demonstration of Massage Cupping with manual cups. Lunch. Student partners.

Day 2:

Class findings, finding out how everyone felt. Lecture and introduction to the Medi-Cupping 600 machine.  Demonstration of the cupping machine.  Lunch and then student partners and bodywork after lunch. 

Day 3:

Lecture & Demonstation of advanced techniques and movements.  Aromatherapy cocoon.  Demonstration: Aromatherapy cocoon with Massage Cupping and Medi-Cupping Bodywork Therapy.  Lunch.  Student partners; full body aromatherpay cocoon.

Day 4:

Class findings, what everyone felt.  Lecture & Demonstration of micro-magnetic cups. Lecture & Demonstration of Face Lifting and Drainage.  Lunch.  Student partners. Equipment purchases.  Certificate Issuance. Send you off into the world to spread joy. LOL!



• A massage table    • One set of sheets
• 3 small towels
• 2 bath towels (may be borrowed from hotel room if necessary) OR additional top sheet
• Unscented massage oil and/or massage cream
• Queen size blanket (may be borrowed from hotel room if necessary)
• Pen/pencil and notepad


Please note that since this is a traveling Continuing Education Class, Go Deep Massage Therapy cannot provide massage tables.  Due to the hands on nature of the seminar, a table is required.



To uphold the integrity of a quality learning environment, Go Deep Massage Therapy asks that there be no: solicitation, product sales, list gathering or things of an outside nature that don't relate to Massage Cupping Bodywork Therapy.  Anyone who violates this policy will be given one verbal notice.  If a second verbal notice is necessary, you will be asked to leave the class with no refund and no re-entrance.



Go Deep Massage Therapy holds classes all over the country.  If none of these classes fits your schedule, there are other Educators teaching all over the country that can help you. Anita Shannon and ACE (Advanced Continuing Education) has trained several educators who are at the top of their field.  The Certified Massage Cupping Educators include:


Anita Shannon, creator of Massage Cupping
Randy Heaps - Rita Woods - Martha Graham
Beth Ellen Zang - Martina Connolly - 

Annie Garic - Garrett Brown - 

Doug E. Rasmusson - Sylvie Rasmusson

And many other educators trained by Anita Shannon!

You will find classes nationwide at  You will find no better team in the industry.


If the student (you) has paid and must cancel, you have 3 weeks before the workshop commencement date [refer to the registration tab] to notify Go Deep™ Massage Therapy in order to receive a full refund.  If you cancel anytime after that deadline date, you are allowed to apply your tuition to a class Go Deep™ Massage Therapy will be holding at a later date.  If Go Deep™ Massage Therapy has to cancel the class on their part for any reason, a full refund will be given to all registered (paid) students.

Tuition money is applied to the travel, lodging, and meeting room expensives aside from earnings. Once arrangements are made, the money has already been partially spent. This is the reason for Go Deep™'s refund polcies. A $20 fee applies to all refunds.


The Massage Cupping class that I took has been the most USEFUL class that I have taken since learning the art of Massage Therapy!  Randy Heaps is an amazing and engaging instructor. His passion for Massage Cupping is undeniable.

Stephanie Gray, Perris, CA

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